Versus 002: Colm vs. Food (or not)


Food’s a bit of a crazy thing. You put things in your mouth, swallow them, and they get absorbed and keep you alive or whatever. It’s a lot more than that, but it’s basically that. Some guy in San Francisco – of course he’s a software engineer – claims to have solved a problem by creating something called Soylent. It’s provocatively named after a fictional food that was made out of human beings. It has the world’s creepiest promo video, discussing perfection and maximalism in an almost-robotic voice. Could this strange liquid thing be the solution to cheap, affordable living? I’d always been a bit curious. The idea’s simplicity – food is chemicals, it’s possible to get the right mix – made a lot of sense.

2015-06-30 01_06_28-Soylent - Free Your Body

When news reached me of a European alternative to Soylent, I bit the bullet. I bought ten days’ worth, and decided to keep track of what it’s like to be post-food.

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Versus 001: Colm vs. Colm vs.


Versus is a blog about absurdity, my life and the internet. Sometimes I’ll write it, sometimes I’ll post it as audio, but the general idea is that I’ll post about once a week, and it’ll be based around those themes. This first issue is about all three of those at once, and should give you an idea of where it got its name.

In 2012, from a quiet corner of the world, I was beaming emergency broadcasts to the world from a distant corner. At least, that’s what it felt like. Through boredom, curiosity, and the raw power of the internet, I set up a project that in my own vanity I named RadioColm to write my name on parts of the internet. I was young, I was foolish, and I was continually putting more stock into some of the stuff I was building on the internet, because it was at least satisfying to know the stuff that I was making had some marginal fan-base. If I’d run a weekly show and have ten people listen to it, that’d be okay.

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